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Kirkland Bổ Khớp Glucosamine HCL 1500mg (375 Viên)

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Thiếu hụt tổ hợp Glucosamine, collagen typ 2, hay acid hyaluronic, chondroitin,… Glucosamine, the precursor in the formation of Chondroitin, has been found to stimulate cartilage cells to synthesize glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycansore(1). Both of these supplements have been studied since the early 1980s, but with an increasing interest in alternative remedies that can perhaps offer a natural solution to a medical problem, the medical and scientific community has taken a much more active approach in researching these topics. Glucosamine and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) are perhaps the most widely used natural supplements for those seeking alternative solutions for pain relief, inflammation and tissue repair. With MSM’s ability to allow fluids to pass through the tissue more easily, it works well with other natural compounds to allow for better absorption. Compared to placebo, MSM produced significant decreases in pain and physical function impairment, as well as demonstrating improvement in performing activities of daily living(13). Results indicate a better than 80 percent control of pain within six weeks for those patients using MSM, while only two patients showed a minimal improvement (less than 20 percent) on the placebo(11). However, it will be beneficial to see future studies which compare outcomes using different formulations, dosages and musculoskeletal conditions to help better understand the limitations of these powerful nutritional supplements.

In a 1999 press release they proclaimed that Glucosamine reduces the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee. They found that joint space narrowed in patients taking a placebo, but showed no further narrowing in patients on Glucosamine sulfate. A study done over three years demonstrated virtually the same findings(4), further validating the use of Glucosamine for stimulating cartilage growth and joint pain. blackmores glucosamine 1500mg In a more recent study, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted with fifty men and women, 40-76 years of age with knee Osteoarthritis pain were enrolled in an outpatient medical center. It was demonstrated that patients at the Oregon Health Sciences University who have received oral MSM as part of their treatment show no toxic build-up, even after years of ingesting more than 2,000mg of MSM each day(12). Dr. Lawrence, the medical doctor who headed up these studies, relates that he has treated more than one thousand patients with MSM and believes that it is safer than water. In a 2008 study performed by the department of public health in Belgium, 340 Knee Osteoarthritis patients participating in two previous randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, 3-year trials of glucosamine sulphate and receiving treatment for at least 12 months, were systematically contacted to participate in a long-term follow-up retrospective assessment of the incidence of total knee replacement.

Following oral administration of a clinically recommended dose of glucosamine sulphate in equines, significantly higher synovial fluid concentrations of glucosamine are attained, when compared to an equivalent dose of glucosamine hydrochloride(6). The low occurrence of mild side effects when taken internally far underscore the benefits demonstrated with the use of Glucosamine. Topical formulas will not only avoid these mild side effects, but when combined with a good delivery system, will offer local transfer of ingredients directly to the site of irritation. Glucosamine Sulfate is currently sold over the counter in the United States as a supplement and therefore not currently evaluated by the FDA. In contrast, studies show up to 98% of the orally administrated Glucosamine Sulfate is absorbed(6). Because Glucosamine is a small molecule, it is easily absorbed and very permeable to cell linings. MSM can be taken orally in pill or liquid form, and is also found in topical formulas. Glucosamine can be taken in pill or liquid form, administered though intramuscular injections, and more recently can be found in topical formulas. The effectiveness of a topical formula is dependent on the ability of the ingredients to penetrate the skin barrier. Creams and lotions usually lack this ability to penetrate, as they usually contain thick, non-absorbing, and often waxy ingredients.

With more than 30 million Americans suffering from this type of arthritis, it is no wonder that the American College of Rheumatology took a closer look at this supplement. This large scale interest was prompted from some early positive studies on these nutrients and has blossomed into a full spectrum of current and future planned scientific studies which preliminarily continue to validate supplemental use of these naturally occurring compounds for a variety of disorders. The current scientific literature available supports the use of Glucosamine and MSM for the use of symptom reduction and tissue repair in damaged muscle and joints. In a study of 24 people with athletic injuries, MSM was shown to reduce symptoms by nearly twice as much as those taking placebos, and was able to reduce the average needed visits to the chiropractor by approximately 60%(10). Another preliminary study compared 10 degenerative arthritis suffers taking MSM versus 6 who took a placebo. Each took 3 grams of MSM or a placebo twice a day. They also found that symptoms worsened for patients taking a placebo and improved for those on Glucosamine sulfate(3).